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One easy-to-use editor for all your needs

Whether you are creating your next worksheet or a homework assignment, a curriculum map or a reading, the OpenCurriculum editor gives you the ease and power to create all kinds of content fluidly. Use widgets to insert examples, questions, standards, and other media into your next amazing resource. Word will feel like such a waste of time.

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Discover & remix what other teachers are creating

Don't feel like starting from scratch? Don't worry! Discover thousands of resources being produced by other teachers around you, get inspired and even remix other resources. Start from a document, video or PDF. Because reinventing the wheel just isn't worth your valuable time.

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Throw away those USB sticks

Get rid of the hassle of emailing and passing around content in USB sticks. Let us take you into 2014 with seamless track changes and version history on all your content, along with instant resource previews, commenting and moderation. Don't worry about space limits - you get unlimited space for anything you want. It just works.

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Come for the tools, stay for the content

With more than millions of resource catalogued and tagged, tap into some of the largest repositories of high-quality videos, exams, worksheets, notes and other media while preparing for your needs. It's a one-stop shop for all your favorite free content including Khan Academy, CK-12, and other great Creative Commons content.

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"A tool like this is a godsend for teachers who might be hard-pressed to come up with lesson plans from scratch" - Tyson S., Rukmini Foundation
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